Shining Star


When families were asked why they chose Christ the King for their child’s preschool education, here’s what they had to say……….

It’s a wonderful faith based and family emphasized program! The staff is caring and compassionate. Our children have grown in both academics and in faith!         Jennifer Northey

Very personalized due to small school and small class sizes.

                                                  Nicole Jensen

The program is very strong. Students are well prepared for Kindergarten and Christ the King provides a strong foundation for learning. They have qualified teachers and the best tuition compared to other programs.                 Melissa Puma

I had five children go through Christ the King and many of the children I have taken care of. I believe my kids have done so well all the way through school because of the start they had with Christ the King.

                                                Carolyn Mazzola        

It’s a kind, loving, orderly, creative, Christian program. A wonderful experience!                             Anonymous

I feel the school offers a well-balanced program with both play and structured learning in fun ways. My girls always come home from school happy. I think that says a lot! I also really like the facility.

                                                   Anna Swartz          


While trying to keep up with the demands of the local school district, Christ the King has always kept early childhood development in the forefront and what’s best for young children. Also the staff working directly with the children are extremely kind and compassionate.

                                                   Carrie Balderson

Great curriculum. Qualified and caring staff!

                                                   Karen Westrick

Offering a program that readies children for Kindergarten.

                                                     Tobias Roberts

Staff is very professional and has the child’s best interest at heart. Curriculum is age appropriate, challenging, and fun!

                                                   Becky Veitengruber

I really like the curriculum and handwriting program. I feel it really prepared my son for a great start in Kindergarten. I also appreciate the patience and kindness that teachers show toward children. I couldn’t have asked for better communication from the teachers. I also like that Jesus time and prayer is part of each day. My son loved the field trips too!                                            

Kara Dorda

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