Health care Policies and Procedures

Student Illness

Children often seem to be ill more during the preschool years. They are exposed to a large number of children for the first time, and their immunities need to be built up. In school we are used to runny noses. If it is caused by a simple cold or allergies, you may still send your child to school. Listed below are some guidelines on when to keep your child home.

Keep your child home if:

  • He/She has a heavy nasal discharge.
  • He/She has or has had a fever in the last 24 hours.
  • He/She has an open cold sore.
  • He/She has a rash of any kind.
  • He/She has a constant cough.
  • He/She is listless because of a cold or medication.
  • He/She is fussy, cranky, and generally not himself/herself.
  • He/ She is overtired.
  • He/She has or has had diarrhea in the last 24 hours and is not eating normally.

If you are keeping your child home for any reason, call the school office at 313-884-5998 ext. 2, to report an absence. Please call before your child’s class and tell us the reason for the absence, as certain information needs to be reported to the Health Department.

Hand washing

All children and staff are required to wash their hands after using the restroom and before eating or handling food.

If a teacher or aide needs to handle a child’s bodily fluid, gloves will be worn and hands will be washed afterwards.


All tables in the classrooms are sanitized before and after snack time and as necessary throughout the day.

Toys are sanitized before use and as necessary during use.