Discipline Policy

Our staff is trained by education and experience to identify and respond to what we call “hurtful behavior.” Hurtful behavior can be physical as well as emotional. Every child is unique and each situation calls for patience, understanding, and intervention which is not punishing. Our school is unique in the fact that we can deal in terms of Christian forgiveness, love, and prayer.

When physical or verbal hurtful behavior occurs:

  • The teacher or aide will move toward the child and assess the situation.
  • The teacher or aide will step in and stop hurtful behavior that is physical.
  • The teacher or aide will set a limit or state a rule.
  • The teacher or aide may redirect a child’s behavior asking them to choose a different activity, guiding them toward positive behavior.
  • The teacher or aide may have the child sit in a “time-out,” asking a child to sit in a designated chair to sit and observe. The behavior will be discussed with the child before he is released from the time-out making sure the child understands the reason for the time-out.
  • All time-outs will be recorded in a folder by a teacher or aide.
  • Behavior which is considered severe or continues after the above measures will warrant a phone call to the parents. In some instances, a parent-teacher conference will be scheduled to discuss the behavior.

The staff shall not use abusive, neglectful, corporal, humiliating, or frightening punishment under any circumstances. It is always imperative that home and school cooperate with mutual goals and procedures.