Adult Instruction

Adult Instruction is a formal study of the 6 chief teachings in God’s Word for adults who wish to have a refresher course in their baptismal faith, or who desire to be baptized and/or become Communicant Members of Christ the King Lutheran Church. The course is taught several times each year by the pastor as needed, usually in the winter, fall or early spring, and includes a 12 class study on the Bible’s Teachings about: Creation, The Fall into Sin, The Promise of a Savior, The Bible, The Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles’ Creed, Redemption, Sanctification, Holy Baptism, Holy Communion, Office of the Keys, The 10 Commandments, Law and Gospel, Eternal Life. Upon completion of this course, an individual may receive Holy Baptism or become a Communicant Member of the congregation by indicating his/her desire to the Pastor. Groups are assembled for study at an agreed-upon and publicized time, and at times when the pastor is able, individualized instruction has also been offered. Classes meet in the Conference Room in the Church Office. You may inquire about starting the adult class by calling the church office and speaking with the Pastor.